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Cocoa Romance: Solomon Island Cocoa Husk, Rose Petals and Cardamom  

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A unique blend meticulously crafted from the lush landscapes of the Solomon Islands and the fascinating oases of Persia.

This harmonious fusion brings together the finest cocoa husk, delicate rose petals, and aromatic cardamom to create an enchanting experience for your senses. Sourced from the pristine Solomon Islands, our blend offers a delightful escape into wellness.

Immerse yourself in the world of antioxidants as the cocoa husk unveils its rich polyphenols, while rose petals bestow their anti-inflammatory wonders. The soothing embrace of cardamom gently nurtures digestion, complementing the blend's holistic benefits. Cocoa Romance transports you to a realm where pleasure meets health, where the ancient traditions of the Solomon Islands embrace your modern lifestyle.

Savour the Magic in every sip and delight in the fusion of flavours that dance together to create a symphony of well-being.