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Magic Tea Chest : Sip Sustainably with the Limited Edition MagicT Tea Chest  

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Embrace tranquillity and celebrate eco-consciousness with the Limited Edition MagicT Tea Chest. Handcrafted from recycled rimu timbers in New Plymouth's Men's Shed, each chest offers a unique piece of history while promoting sustainability. Owning one isn't just about enjoying a delightful cup of tea; it's about supporting a worthy cause. For every chest purchased, $35 is donated directly to the Men's Shed community, fostering their valuable work.

Open the beautifully crafted chest to discover a world of flavour:

  • Persian Garden: Relaxing blend of apple, quince and rose

    Daily Energizer: Invigorating mix of mood-uplifting herbs and roots.

    Hibiscus & Cinnamon: Warm & comforting tart-spicy infusion

    Rose Buds: Luxurious solo sip with delicate taste & captivating aroma

    Sweet Dreams: Soothing blend of Lemon verbena, lavender & calming herbs

The five MagicT herbal teas, each nestled in its own convenient infuser tube, allow for a mess-free brewing experience, letting the full flavour of each blend shine through. The reusable infuser tubes and the refillable chest itself promote a sustainable approach to enjoying your favourite teas.

This is a truly limited edition offering, with only 25 unique chests meticulously crafted. Don't miss this opportunity to combine your love of exceptional tea with a commitment to a greener future, all while supporting the Men's Shed community. Embrace sustainable sipping and the magic within every cup.