About us

About Magic T 

MagicT is a family-owned business that believes every single moment of life is magic. We believe drinking a cup of tea with friends, family or even alone can turn to be a great memory. We are here to make that Magic wish come true.

Ehsan Mobini and Frida Jalali

How did it start?

“We have to show this to the World!” was Frida’s reaction when she first met local rose farmers in Kashan, an ancient oasis in Iran’s desert. That was when Magic T’s journey started. 

We started to pursue our heritage and instincts and discover the world of tea. Frida spent a year learning about different herbs, sourcing, storing and serving them. 

Then we began to travel all around Iran, Turkey and India to find small local farmers. This journey took us two years to gather the best, pure and natural spices from traditional local farmers and growers. While dealing directly with farmers and with absolute clarity we make fair and ethical trades with all of them. All of their products are handpicked, shade dried and hand-blended. We keep the leaves and flowers as a whole as possible to give you the best aroma and flavor without any extra, added fragrances, additives or artificial flavors.

Designing a blend is like creating a poem, it takes time, knowledge and inspiration. We combine all of them for you.


Ehsan and Frida are both from Iran the land carpet, poem and history. Frida is an MBA graduate with a background in the movie industry and herbal medicine. Frida also has a great passion for creative arts and painting. Ehsan is an IT and business graduate with a background in horse riding (Showjumping) and years of experience as a voice actor.


Ingredients and Production

We buy all our raw materials from small farms and traditional farms in different countries. By eliminating middlemen and offering fair prices we try our best to support small and family-owned farms.
All of our ingredients are handpicked and shade dried. The final products are all hand-blended. To keep the quality high we only make small batches on each production cycle. So, the products that you receive are probably made less than a week ago.