How MagicT makes the Purest Herbal Tea in NZ?

How MagicT makes the Purest Herbal Tea in NZ?

In MagicT we believe that everything needs to be original, genuine and pure. But how do we do that?

The original ingredients and nothing else

It's easy to add sugar to dried fruits. It's easy to add sweeteners to the blend. It's easy to add colours and fragrances. But we don't want to go the easy way, do we?

In MagicT we just use pure herbs with no additives and no secret and hidden ingredients. Pure as nature.

Buying from traditional farmers

We buy all our raw materials from small farms and traditional farms in different countries. These farmers use traditional methods to grow herbs and dry them. This process is the closest to nature.

The Magic process

All of our ingredients are handpicked and shade dried. The final products are all hand-blended. To keep the quality high we only make small batches on each production cycle. So, the products that you receive are probably made less than a week ago.

In MagicT we make every pouch and jar just like we want to make tea for ourselves; with passion, love and care.

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