How to make a perfect Iced Tea?

How to make a perfect Iced Tea?

On boiling summer days, there's nothing more tempting than an ice-cold drink. But what happens to our tea habits? If you are one of those tea drinkers and tea lovers, who can't go through the day without your favourite herbals, then this is for you. 

In this short article, we'll show you how to make Ice tea from your favourite MagicT herbal blends.


Fast Method: I want it now! 

This method is efficient when you want your iced tea fast and now. It's also a better method if you want to have more flavour in your drink. 

First, boil some water and make your favourite herbal tea just like you want to have it hot. Then let it cool down for around 15 minutes. Then fill your glass or mug with Ice cubes and slowly pour the tea on the ice. Your Ice Tea is ready to drink. Remember that ice will melt and dilute your drink. So, don't forget to make your hot tea a little bit stronger.


Slow Method: I have all day!

This method is easier. Pick a pitcher or teapot that has a filter or strainer. Put the tea inside it and fill it with room temperature water. Put the teapot or pitcher in the fridge for 2 hours until the leaves, buds and roots infuse into the water. Just enjoy your drink. 

This way the result would be lighter in taste but you can always play with the amount of herbal tea and reach your desired taste.

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