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  • Premium Grounded Saffron - Magic T
  • Premium Grounded Saffron - Magic T
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Premium Grounded Saffron  

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MagicT's Ground Saffron is a unique ingredient to make one of the most delicious, special and also expensive teas in the world.
To make this special tea you just need to add one of the saffron capsules into 500ml of hot water (95c) and let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes. To add more flavour you can also add some honey to it. 
Saffron tea offers numerous benefits, boasting antioxidant properties that may aid in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. Its mood-enhancing qualities can help combat stress and anxiety. Additionally, saffron tea may promote better digestion, improve vision, and potentially contribute to weight management when incorporated into a balanced diet and lifestyle.
Other than tea Saffron is known as a great spice for cooking.
Saffron, a prized culinary spice, imparts a vibrant colour and a unique, delicate taste to dishes. It elevates savoury recipes like Iranian polo, biryani, and risotto, infusing them with a rich aroma. In desserts, saffron adds a touch of luxury, as seen in saffron-infused ice creams, cakes, and Iranian delights.
In MagicT we know the value of hard work behind making every gram of saffron. So, besides buying them from farmers at a fair price, we package them in individual serving capsules to preserve them from humidity and oxidization. 

30x0.125 gr grounded saffron in mini containers.