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  • Peach Perfection: Peach, Quince, Peppermint - Magic T
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Peach Perfection: Peach, Quince, Peppermint  

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Experience the captivating blend of carefully chosen herbs and fruits, brewed with great care. This intriguing concoction combines juicy peaches, mystical quince, and refreshing peppermint.

Each sip transports you to a world of ancient orchards and hidden gardens. The delightful combination of peach, known for its delicious taste, quince with its legendary wisdom, and soothing peppermint creates a truly extraordinary experience. Peach Perfection offers gentle support for digestion, boosts the immune system, and provides a blissful sense of relaxation.

Discover the magic, indulge in this elixir, and let the captivating flavours of Peach Perfection enchant your senses with its mysterious origins. 

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Ingredients: Peach, Quince, Peppermint