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  • Morning Rendezvous: Dried Apple, Dried Quince, Cinnamon - Magic T
  • Morning Rendezvous: Dried Apple, Dried Quince, Cinnamon - Magic T
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Morning Rendezvous: Dried Apple, Dried Quince, Cinnamon  

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Embark on an enchanting Morning Rendezvous with our captivating herbal tea blend. Inspired by the hidden treasures of France, this mystical infusion unveils a world of delightful flavours and whispered secrets.

Imagine sipping from your cup, as the first rays of sunlight caress the ancient orchards of Provence. Our blend delicately combines the essence of Dried Apple, reminiscent of crisp autumn mornings, with the rare and exquisite Dried Quince. Each sip reveals a tantalizing dance of flavours that transport you to the enchanting gardens of Versailles.

To add a touch of intrigue, we introduce the warming embrace of Cinnamon, like a hidden passage leading you deeper into the heart of this bewitching rendezvous. Its subtle notes intertwine with the fruits, creating an aromatic symphony that awakens your senses and leaves you longing for more.

Indulge in this mysterious fusion, where France's timeless allure meets the allure of herbal bliss. Allow Morning Rendezvous to captivate your taste buds and unveil the secrets of a truly enchanting tea experience.

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Ingredients: Dried Apple, Dried Quince, Cinnamon