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  • Diamond Gift Pack (Limited) - Magic T
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Diamond Gift Pack (Limited)  

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Tired of the Same Boring Tea Routines?

Magic tea box is right here to spice up your life!

Either it is to treat yourself or your tea lover friend. Or the one who you admire. This is a perfect choice. Our limited edition, well-designed magic tea box is hand-made from recycled wood, containing 220 grams of 12 different fresh, colourful, flavourful herbs.

We have added one teapot set to complete the kit, so you are all set for top sipping.

A big surprise is this beautiful mate comes with a MENUE! Relax, fitness, health, or daily category! You can also take the opportunity to explore, experiment and be delighted by a new brew of your choice.

What you get in Diamon Gift Pack

1x MagicT Box (12 different herbs in handmade rimu tea box)

1x Teapot Set  (Glass teapot and Warmer)

Free Gift  wraps and postcard

*Please notice that MagicT Box is handmade and we produce only a limited number of them. So, pre-order necessary is necessary.

**Don't forget to send us your postcard message!